Blender Products specializes in engineered air mixing systems and equipment including the following products:

A highly effective dynamic mixing device that makes the mixing box mix, and eliminates the Blender section. The Channel Blender® by Blender Products incorporates outdoor and return air dampers into a channel structure that creates highly effective mixing of the two air streams in the mixing box, eliminating freeze stat trips and frozen coils without the need for traditional static mixers and the separate mixer section.  This reduces the air handling unit footprint and the energy savings from extending economizer use typically pay for the Channel.

Gas Blender®

The patented Gas Blender® static mixer is used on a wide variety of industrial processes:  from improving the effectiveness of pollution control equipment to controlling tight temperature profiles for drying tissue paper, and more.  The mixers’ high-performance capabilities at low pressure drop make it an excellent solution for many applications in which particle dispersion/concentration, temperature mixing, or evening out velocity profiles are critical to process performance. In many applications, the Gas Blender is customized to meet specific performance requirements, and is often integrated with other system components  (e.g, injection equipment). In addition, Blender’s engineering and advanced analysis capabilities allow us to support the customer’s process-design team.