Western Michigan Territory Product Lines

Custom Air Handling Systems available with Fanwall Technology: Fan Coils Units, Heating & Cooling Coils for Office Buildings, Manufacturing, Retail, Universities & Hospitals.

Custom Air Handling Systems for: Science, Commerce & industry. 15,000 to 600,000CFM. Available with Fanwall Technology.

Custom HVAC Equipment: Prefabricated Mechanical Rooms, Packaged Equipment to 110,000 CFM & 575 Tons, Custom Chillers to 1000 Tons & Multi-Zone units. Water Source Heat Pumps. Available with Fanwall Technology.

Custom Air Handling Systems: Air Handlers, any size, any shape, true variable geometry. Knock-down / site erected Air Handlers. Thermal-break construction & Hybrid Foam. Available with Fanwall Technology.

Custom & Unitary Heat Recovery Products: Unit Ventilators, Plate to Plate, Heat Pipe & Enthalpy Wheels. Available with Fanwall Technology.

Custom Air Handlers with Fanwall Technology, Specializing in the Healthcare, Research, Pharmaceutical, Food Industry & Semi-Conductor Sectors.

Robust Custom Chillers for Process Loads such as MRIs, Cath Labs, Data Centers, & More.

UVC Lamps designed for HVAC: IAQ Sterilization on Coils, Drain Pans & Airstreams.

A leading manufacturer of DOAS and High Outside Air HVAC Units for heating, cooling and dehumidification requirements.

Vibration control products. Vibration isolation curbs. Springs and piping support.

Refrigeration Monitors & Gas Detection Devices.

Desiccant dehumidifier products for technically complex applications with mission critical requirements.

'Precision Air' for Data Centers, Computer Rooms, General Office Spaces, Conference Rooms, Fitness Facilities, Restaurants, Schools & Universities, and Industrial Facilities. AboveAir specializes in Mission Critical Equipment, Specialty Comfort Equipment, & Outdoor Air Equipment

Energy Recovery, Evaporative Cooling, Humidification.

Roof Pipe & Equipment Support

Manufacturer of custom desiccant dehumidifiers, providing customers with Innovative Desiccant Solutions to their humidity control problems

MicroCool offers industrial and commercial humidification systems that can handle light-duty, precision fog output in small spaces and heavy-duty output for greenhouses and large industrial processes. Versatile pumps have built-in intelligence, safety features, and the ability to cover multiple zones and plug into to larger control systems.

 Residential System Solutions, Fans, Airflow & Zone Control, Heat & Energy Recovery, Dryer Venting, Make-Up Air Solutions, Roof Caps, Wall Hoods, Grilles, & Duct Fittings, Fan Controls

Blender Products has been the HVAC industry’s leading manufacturer of air mixing equipment. Blender is focused on engineering, manufacturing and applying mixing equipment to industrial process applications in a range of industries.

Besides heating your large facility, Powrmatic offers highly efficient systems to cool large industrial and commercial spaces. Powrmatic Thermal Economizer ATU’S can be manufactured with DX or Chilled Water coils which utilize high-performance propeller fans and high-efficiency motors.

Manufacturers of semi-custom Scroll Water-Cooled Chillers, Modular Water-Cooled Chillers, Water-Cooled Condensing Units, Packaged Air-Cooled Chillers, Modular Air-Cooled Chillers, Split-System Air-Cooled Chillers & Condensing Units, and Air-Cooled Condensing Units.

Custom DX, Multi-Zones, Energy Recovery, & Make-Up Air RTUs & AHUs.

 Vertical Classroom Unit Ventilators.