General Motors Corporation M5 Chiller Plant

GM Will Install Over 18,000 Tons of Chillers

General Motors Corporation recently selected Carrier to provide twelve (12) 1500 ton model 19XRV centrifugal chillers, to be installed in three (3) separate modular central utility chilled water plants, as manufactured by Epsilon Industries in Kingston Ontario.  These three (3) chilled water plants and over 18,000 tons of chillers will serve the body and assembly needs of the GM Fort Wayne IN, Flint MI and Arlington TX plants.

General Motors chose Carrier for many reasons; including the semi-hermetic (non-open) design of the compressor motor assemblies as well as refrigerant cooled VFD’s to avoid sensible heat gain to the central utility plant, and their extremely efficient 2-stage part-load and full load efficiency.

We need make special mention and thanks to Climate Technologies Corporation, the local representative for Epsilon Industries. These plants are works of art.