Western Michigan Territory Product Lines


Custom Air Handling Systems available with Fanwall Technology: Fan Coils Units, Heating & Cooling Coils for Office Buildings, Manufacturing, Retail, Universities & Hospitals.


Custom Air Handling Systems for: Science, Commerce & industry. 15,000 to 600,000CFM. Available with Fanwall Technology.


Custom HVAC Equipment: Prefabricated Mechanical Rooms, Packaged Equipment to 110,000 CFM & 575 Tons, Custom Chillers to 1000 Tons & Multi-Zone units. Water Source Heat Pumps. Available with Fanwall Technology.


Custom Air Handling Systems: Air Handlers, any size, any shape, true variable geometry. Knock-down / site erected Air Handlers. Thermal-break construction & Hybrid Foam. Available with Fanwall Technology.


Custom & Unitary Heat Recovery Products: Unit Ventilators, Plate to Plate, Heat Pipe & Enthalpy Wheels. Available with Fanwall Technology.


Robust Custom Chillers for Process Loads such as MRIs, Cath Labs, Data Centers, & More.


Custom Air Handlers with Fanwall Technology, Specializing in the Healthcare, Research, Pharmaceutical, Food Industry & Semi-Conductor Sectors.

American Ultraviolet

UVC Lamps designed for HVAC: IAQ Sterilization on Coils, Drain Pans & Airstreams.


'Precision' Air for critical applications in data centers & much more.



Vibration control products. Vibration isolation curbs. Springs and piping support.



Refrigeration Monitors & Gas Detection Devices.


The choice for desiccant dehumidification.




Direct & Indirect Fired MUAs, DX Dedicated OA Systems.



Air Purification Systems.



Energy Recovery, Evaporative Cooling, Humidification.



Roof Pipe & Equipment Support




 Vertical Classroom Unit Ventilators.



 Residential System Solutions, Fans, Airflow & Zone Control, Heat & Energy Recovery, Dryer Venting, Make-Up Air Solutions, Roof Caps, Wall Hoods, Grilles, & Duct Fittings, Fan Controls